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[Solved] Cute Elf Face Textures not loading properly

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I'm unable to get the face textures for Cute Elves to load to their mesh, so the characters heads appear totally black (screenshot below).  This is not an issue with load order, it happens in construction set with only MBP loaded.


The face textures are the ones originally used by the mod, located at Data\Textures\Characters\myelf\body --- the texture in question is ElfFace.dds.  I am able to swap in the imperial race and others and everything looks normal (though ugly, as the textures and meshes dont align perfectly).  For some reason, I have downloaded these textures many times but have not been able to get them to work proplerly. 





Please help!  Thank you

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Is the textures also black in game ???


In CS the textures look black when the normal map is "wrong". ( Normally when no normal texture is present)

The normal map was saved without "mip map"

You can immediately recognize a "wrong" texture by the size.

A 512x512 texture save as DXT5 is 342kKB. But the cute elf texture without mip map is only 257KB.  ( Or DXT1 with mip map is 171KB)


Try this texture



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Solved!! Thank you fejeena.  For some reason, not only did my face texture not have mipmaps, but the normal map file I was trying to use was 1024x1024 instead of 512x512.  I used gimp to resave the face texture with mipmaps and everything looks good now.


Thank you for the speedy reply!  To answer your question - yes, the faces were black but usually looking at them crashed the game.

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