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The Lags 4

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OK so anyone else get major lag even with a good PC? I can't play on ultra settings anymore. Not sure if Wicked Whims is a part of it because the game's performance tanks and everything lags from the pie menu opening up to Sims doing something. Sims seem to 'get stuck' a lot like the good old Sims 3 days more so than Sims 3 though. I tried lowering graphical settings but that didn't do much and I noticed you can't play on a big lot (64x64, 40x30, etc.) or a lot with a lot of light sources (many gallery lots have lots of lights and stuff such as nightclubs) as well as if you have more than 3 Sims on a single lot things can start to lag behind as well. Time goes on but Sims stand around all derp face. I do not use any graphical mods besides Better Bodies and the Luumia skins I think they were called. Max Sims on a lot by MCCC is 30 (40 was not OK MAJOR lag). Not sure what to do. Own all DLC. Not running anything major in the background.


GTX 1060 6GB 1.51GHz

i5-4460 3.2GHz quad-core

8GB DDR3 1333MHz

7200RPM WD Blue HDD

Windows 10 64-bit


Ultra settings

Vertical sync enabled

Resolution 1080p

uncompressed textures enabled

post effects enabled

full screen mode

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So, it looks like not only me got this problem.....


yep, my sims4 just like you said. From last update, actually from last week, my sims4 started lagging and every sim's action became slow and stuck.


I am trying to check mods now. Hope some one can help us.



I have tested game by removing mods one by one. Guess what....when I removed 3 WW files, the game turned to normal performance.


And even I putted WW files back, the game was still normal.


So, I think new version WW may cause some issues, which could slow down this game as playing for long time. 


I will continue this test.


My game version:

My WW version:

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