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add follower support to Sexlab Paycrime

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Hey guys,

I'm using Paycrime and not one of the alternatives available because it's simple and doesn't depend on arousal framework, and I want to keep my active script count to a minimum. Would it be possible to do some tinkering and add the option to have your follower pay for your bounty using xEdit?. I think what's needed is:


- another dialogue option when you suggest paying your crime with yer body, to suggest paying it with yer followers :>

- second option trigger sex scene between follower and guard(s) in exactly the same way as if it were the player, and remove bounty.


Can this be achived using xEdit, some copying of records and correction of references? Is is necessary to alter scripts at all?

I'm thinking about this for my own use, but could suggest to @mazoky adding it if it works.


Thanks for any hints.

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