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  1. I came to your post from reading about performance issues with Smoking Torches and Candles. Now while mindflux's mods are solid, that one in particular has always had hardware struggling to keep up. It has a performance option in the installer, are you using that? Also always read about performance issues with "bird mods" ever since the old Skybirds for LE, and so never even tried them - so I can't comment, but share my thought on why I avoid them. I run SSE with over 1200 mods and it's rock solid, takes me a couple of months just to build or update my setup before starting a playthrough... I
  2. I had the same problem, I couldn't advance without a minor console help. Go to Windhelm Bridge and look for Frabbi (in my game she was waiting behind the stables, in the general area where the khajiit usually camp). There was also a "ghost" further down by the water. If you want to be sure you're stuck at the same point that I was, open the console and type "getstage aTID1Begin" - it should report stage 45. Then type "setobjectivecompleted aTID1Begin 45 1", exit the console - you should get a message reporting the objective completed, but it won't advance the quest. So open the con
  3. Is there any way to disable chastity belt effects/events (the ones that have animations) completely? I've tried disabling events that seemed related to belts in the MCM but the chugging and tugging events still keep firing while I'm processing carcasses (hunterborn) which are also animated and force third person view, and the animation events conflict in some way that render the camera permanently useless. I've lost track of the number of times I've had to reload and lose a considerable amount of game time because of this. I hope I'm missing something and there is a way to disable these events
  4. Thanks... I was overthinking Afraid I was missing something, then I ended up doing just what you said. Alicia is just the perfect sl...ave for the job!
  5. Thanks... LOL I snuck out through the Falkreath tunnel and fetched Alicia in Windhelm I thought she'd be pleased with her role but she still hated me for it LOL The mod's been running sweet. I like Ibn... If you ever considered NOT building an entirely new city that one would do just fine. Maybe some navmesh tweaks here and there (noticed some tricky terrain around the Nobles' tower since I now have a slav... follower) and I wonder if it's possible to flag certain tunnel doors so that they can't be used for pathfinding? A combination of both would probably fix the map markers not
  6. I'm starting this topic to see if I can get some quick help, so thank you if you read this and can give me some hints! I'm stuck, can't continue my game because the quests in @Delzaron's awesome Things in The Dark now seem to require followers - particularly, the quest log where you're sent to fight for gloomreach (after the farm quests) tells me to get a female follower, but I can't get ANY follower in Ibn - am I missing some mechanic? Is it possible to leave Ibn (without cheating) and find someone in Skyrim? Thanks again
  7. I'm at the farm jobs' part of the Servant's Life quest. I can use a follower to distract the skeevers - how do I get one, do I have to go outside and get one of the game's followers? Can I talk with someone to get a slave in my service? Also I've already looked into the quest record and it seems like the next quest, to get the escaped brood back, will also require a follower. If I do have to go outside and bring a follower, do I need to do anything to them in order to have the Ibn falmer recognize them? Edit: After some console work to advance the previous 2 farm quests, I can't ad
  8. So far it's been smooth! I've played as far as Ibn without any further issues. Meanwhile I made this little file that applies ELE imagespaces and lighting templates to your cells... just to keep them coherent with the rest of my build. Requires ELE from Nexus. Made for SSE but probably good to use in LE... I've never backported but this patch only edits your mod's cell records. Hardcore darkness wherever there isn't any light source but I find it very in line with your lovecraftian narrative. Also enhances sneaking gameplay (I know at the moment characters don't chase you for stealing but it's
  9. Hi Delzaron. I know you're planning to rebuild the mod but until you get there, would you mind if I report any issues I find here? Might help with ideas for the next version? I'm playing it in SSE, for starters... On a VERY heavily modded build. Some issues can happen due to an unexpected spike in script latency, I'm aware of that and I'll mention it if I think that might have cause some issue. Right now I'm at the moment where I should have been through the scene at Traitor's Post. When I got there, the bandits were fighting someone, and apparently they won!. I saw a "falmer ghost" walking to
  10. I won't argue, since as I've said I'm pretty new to TS4. I did play a lot of TS1 and TS2 (skipped TS3) and a modded TS2 looked pretty decent (for the time). Still, I noticed you shared a comparison image also featured in the HQ mod, which states that all its replacement textures are just upscaled from the original assets - meaning no extra detail at all. You can, however, find a lot of HQ skin overlays that look a lot better, and they do require the HQ mod for the 2k x 4k maps. But I'm the kind of sucker for detail that prefers to live with jaggies rather than hammering them down with AA - bec
  11. Hi, sims 4 newbie here - so thank you for your guide! May I ask - you made no mention of the HQ mod. I came to sims 4 from other games that featured stunning 4k and 8k textured characters and find the vanilla low res from TS4 a little dull. So, do you not recommend the HQ mod at all, or is it just that it involves some assembly and, thus, is not within the scope of a beginners guide? I would say beginner though I may be, texture detail is important enough that I feel motivated to read and learn, just don't know where to begin. I know where to get the HQ mod and replacement packs for the base g
  12. May I ask - is there an important downside to using the HQ mod? I'm coming to Sims 4 from other games and find the low res textures frankly dull... But I don't see many people mention the HQ mod over here.
  13. Are you sure about mfg fix? Because they don't use the same dll. On the other hand mfg fix says Adds MfgConsoleFunc script from MfgConsole mod that allows mods that require this script to work in Skyrim SE. May I just delete the dll from Thief and use Mfg Fix, then?
  14. Hi, have you played thief on SSE? I tried porting, used CAO like you, but the game complains about a broken dll (of course, LE dlls don't work in SSE). The problem is that mfgconsole.dll isn't available anywhere in a version compiled for the latest SKSE. Has anyone got a workaround? I also see file conflicts with ZAZ, Sexlab, Baka's ABC and More Informative Console - I wonder if it's ok to just let all of those mods win all conflicts, namely because they're built for SSE and thief isn't.
  15. Hey, sorry to chime in. But it seems a bit more complicated to me - where does one get the mfg console stuff for se, that's compatible with the latest SKSE? Thief also has conflicting assets with Sexlab, ZAZ and a few other mods - is it best to just let those other mods win?
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