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WCIF Rainbow/Colourful Body Hair?


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Lots of my sims have colourful hair and was wondering if anyone knew of any body hair mods to match colourful sims. i'm looking for both chest hair for male sims, and pubic hair for female and/or male sims. i want a rainbow of colours: pinks, blues, greens, pastels, vibrant colours... really anything outside of the "realistic" hair colours.


i have wild_guy's pubic hairs which i think are fantastic for my "realistic/natural" hair colour sims, but for my sims with colourful hair i can't find body hair to match. My google-fu is failing me, perhaps some of you have suggestions? Please?

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2 hours ago, wongfoo2003 said:

Yay! thank you so much, wongfooo ^_^ That is exactly what i was looking for. My colourful sims thank you also!

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