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How To Fix Missing Cell Ground


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How to fix this.... It happens because some mod removed the cells landscape data.




First, zoom down to the ground waaaayy down there and then turn on Landscape Editing.





Then, click and hold near the center, and move your mouse up a little. You get something like this...





Make note of the cell number. Mine is -3, -35. 

Next, Save the esp and close the CS/CSE. Open the esp in TesEdit.

Go to WorldSpaces, click the + by Tamriel, search the blocks/sub-blocks to find the cell.





Now we know where the bad cell is, now, find a cell next to yours. I will be using cell -3, -36.

Copy and paste the DATA-Unknown, VNML, VHGT and VCLR.   Note, when you copy the numbers, double click for the big window. When you paste these numbers into the bad cell, hold shift and double click the appropriate areas. It's too much data for the small edit line you get from right clicking.





Now you close TesEdit, saving the mod. Open it in the CS/CSE, go to the cell, and you see something like this..





Using the Landscaping Editing again, start forming the land.  Note: If there's multiple dropped cells in a row, you will reach a point where the edge tries to connect to the fallen land. You won't be able to finish the current cell until the next one gets raised. 





Once you have the cell raised and formed, select a texture in the Landscaping Editing, apply it with the right mouse button. Tapping the Q button will do shadows.






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When you have the original esp you can copy the cell data of the missing cell in your esp ( DATA-Unknown, VNML, VHGT and VCLR )

And you can copy the ground textures data.


A )  When you load both esp ( original and your new esp ) with TES4Edit  you can drag-drop the data from the original to the new esp. !!! When the cell is in the Oblivion.esm !!!!


ElsweyrAnequina old.esp ( original)

ElsweyrAnequina.esp  the new esp




When not all ground textures are vanilla it is annoying to copy all  ground textures data by hand.

Then you can use Method B ( see below )


B ) When the cell in not in the Oblivion.esm or in another masterfile you can use the Original esp and add your new esp as masterfile. ( Or the cell use No-vanilla-ground textures )


Example: You have a new ElsweyrAnequina esp ( or merged esp )  I call it  ElsweyrAnequina - new.esp

And you have the original ElsweyrAnequina esp ( or a copy of the original ) ; I call it ElsweyrAnequina original.esp



1) In your load order the ElsweyrAnequina original.esp must be below your ElsweyrAnequina - new.esp.  Because you don't want to change your new esp.


2) Load both esp in TES4Edit.

You see


Open the File header and add a new master file.





New masterfile is ElsweyrAnequina - new.esp



Now close TES4Edit !


5) Open the ElsweyrAnequina original.esp with TES4Edit ( All masterfiles will be loaded )

 !! You will get many messages about  "  ...... was injected into ElsweyrAnequina - new.esp>  "

That's fine.

And you don't need and use the ElsweyrAnequina original.esp  after you fixed your new esp .


6) Go to cell you want to change

( I am not sure how it looks, for illustrative purposes I changed the entries in the ElsweyrAnequina - new.esp )


Now drag-drop the entries from the ElsweyrAnequina original.esp  in the ElsweyrAnequina - new.esp

Click and hold ---> drag in the new esp.



7) If there are no entries you can not drag-drop,  you first need a entry.

In my example there are no ground textures/layers,  so I add one.




8) Now you have a entry and you can drag-drop all data at once.


In the ElsweyrAnequina original.esp click "Layers" and hold ,  drag in the ElsweyrAnequina - new.esp






9)  Result

When all is green you have exactly the same data in the new esp as you had in the ElsweyrAnequina original.esp





Edit: My ElsweyrAnequina.esp has Lovers with PK.esm as master file  because I add some sex to the Mod .






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That works really nice too.


Edit: The original Elsweyr has this error


WARNING -> RecordProcessor: Information lost. Record skipped due to duplicate FORMID. [MOD=(ElsweyrAnequina.esp), MODID=(02), FORMID=(00000000) TYPE=(LAND)]


The landscape information that got lost was these cells, bad formid.

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