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Does anyone know or remember belisariu?

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Hi, was wondering if anyone knew or remembered the modder belisariu who made the FairyTale outfit for UNBP?  


I'm asking because awhile ago I made a bodyslide conversion for CBBE HDT with weight painting, and I was looking for permission to post it.  It works for the most part, but I think I missed one point on the dress, as it seems to follow the left hand as if the lace is snagged.  A feature perhaps?








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Well I don't know of them personally, I just copied the name from the author tag in the xml file.  Belisaru does seem to be the HDT updater in the LL thread as far as I can tell.  That person in turn referenced MortredL as the original author.  So I have some names, but little to go on in terms of a contact.  


In other news, I blew away my Skyrim moments ago by trying to use steam to fix my creation kit which wasn't launching.  I seem to have most of it back now thanks to a timely backup of the entire folder three days ago, and reinstallation of mods changed since then.  ;____;



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