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Player Prostitution Mod Search

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Hello there, Loverslab Community,

I'm searching for a specific Prostitution mod, that i used in one of my previous Skyrim installations.

Since I deletet most of my Old Mod files, i don't remeber the Mods name, so here a quick description:

The Mod enabled the PC to sell themself out to NPCs for differnt kinds of Sexual encounters. The Way i remeber it, the Mod itself had some Kind of "Prostitution Level Up" functionality, meaning that at first you where only able to give your Customers Handjobs/Blowjobs, but the more customers you made happy, the more Optiosn for sexual Acts where available. I alos remeber that you could ask the Customers to follow you somewhere more Privat. 

If anybody knows the Mod, or a Mod with similar Features (mostly the following to a more Privat Location) just name it

Thanks in Advance

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