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[WW] Mods seems to be installed already, but nothing happens


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Game version:

I play the game on Mac. I've downloaded the latest WickedWhims mod (the one out on Jan 15), and extracted the files, even took all the files in the "WickedWhims mod" folder out and put them in the Sims4 mod file. I used the Amra72 Animations recommended in the WickedWhims file post. I had the resource.cfg file and changed all the settings as required, and opened and closed the game for at least ten times. But every time I open the game, only the script mod is on the list, and when I'm playing, there IS a WickedWhims purple box shown, but there's no actual WickedWhims interaction no matter I click on the furniture or other characters in the game. Can anyone help me with it? Thank you very much! (No other mods in the mod folder except the WickedWhims mod and the Amra72 animation package.)

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On 2018/1/22 at 9:06 PM, Vengeance_11 said:

I'm going to hazard a guess that you've done something wrong with the Resource.cfg, or that you've downloaded the wrong WW files. (Windows instead of Mac.). A screenshot of your mods folder would help narrow the issue down.


Sure, please see the attachment. But I don't think there's a Mac version of WW...I mean the WW files apply to all systems. Thank you!

Screenshot at Jan 24 10-25-35.png

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