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Modern/SciFi clothes for Argonian males?

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Most clothing and armors should work fine on all races (Argonians included) as long as they don't include any face cover or choker or anything like that, and even then, the only clipping should be around the head and those items, but the rest of the body should be fine.


I have some modern clothes in my mod named, well, Modern Clothes. The Survival Gear as well. Links in my signature.


Otherwise, only other mods I can think of that include male items are a Mass Effect armor pack (available somewhere in LL, I think), Vie*long list of numbers I can't remember*'s clothes pack (in LL as well) and several armors ported from Dead Space (I think those are from a German modder but I may have got those in YT video descriptions). I'm on mobile at the moment so I can't link but I can post the links to the LL pages for the first two sonetime later.


EDIT: if I may ask, what do you want them for? That could help in figuring out what to look for.


EDIT 2: the mods I'm talking about are these two: Vie101010 Male Casual Clothing and Me4Fan's Mass Effect Companions (the Shepard and Kaidan follower mods include their armors from ME3).

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