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Help with Fallout New Vegas Redesigned and Ling's Coiffure

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Hi, recently started to try install more cosmetic mods to Fallout New Vegas and I am having difficulty getting Ling's Coiffure to work with Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3. I am using the FOMM and i have replaced the Lings.esm with the compatibility version provided by the Redesigned 3 on nexusmods. I have tried disabling all other mods except Lings and Redesigned, placed Lings below Redesigned and starting a new game but Lings still doesn't show. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Load Order.txt

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If your problem is with npcs, unfortunately I can't help in the specific situation, except than suggesting to remove all the unchecked plugins from \Data folder, they tend to cause headaches with false positives during your tests.


If your problem is with player / races not showing hair... did you try Hair Patcher?

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