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Anyone familiar with the Violens mod?


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The killmoves were working fine but there are times where I have dual swords equipped, the right attacks does not trigger the killmoves but the left attacks do.  I have the killmove chance at 100%, last enemy restriction off, anyone know of a fix for this? thanks in advance.

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where's the 2hkillmovecrossbow?

oh, yes, it's not a killmove, it's just the camera moving around, then following arrow/bolt/spell





there's conditions for those killmoves


you can't cut head without the perk to cut head

you can't 2hkillmove chaurus flying with weapons that aren't type 5, whatever that is

its not because the game can pick 2hmkilmovechaurus, it won't pick attackrightpower2hmforwardsprinting, or stagger, or something else available



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