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[search] [solved] Dev Azera Airship mod - older version

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I am looking for an older version of the Dez Avera Airship mod, pre 1.9 preferably just after the MCM menu was added. I had no issues with the older versions but the newer ones with the Script Latency auto stop are killing me. My average latency is 40-60 ms but I occasionally have a high spike (average is still at 60 or less) and I am running 30-50 fps outdoors.

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Well, I was able to find a pre 1.9 version, it was 1.8.9 but it still had the same script latency warning but was a bit more tolerant of them. I decided that I would go ahead and fix it by changing some scripts in the mod. I increased the time delay limit and had to change the function that looked at the version of SKSE as it only looked at one version so I changed to to look for that version or higher.


If anyone wants it or wants to know what scripts to look at to try and change the current version let me know and I will let you know where to look.

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