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Any way to keep select clothes on during sex animations?

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This is configurable in SexLab. Did you check the Stripping settings? They allow you to check/uncheck each body slot, for consensual, non-consensual and solo sex scenes. If your PC still gets stripped, some mod is overriding those. E.g. a slavery mods might strip you naked regardless of the configuration in SexLab.

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You can set equipement protected in AFF (no stripping during sex anims) :

create an xml file with the name XXX_protectedEquipmentData.xml (with XXX a name for you to identify the equipment later) in Fallout 4\Data\AAF

and inside :



<meta title="NuclearRustyBodyOverride_protectedEquipmentData.xml" version="1.0" dataSet="protectedEquipment"/>
<defaults />

    <protectKeyword form="000802" source="NuclearRustyBodyOverride.esp"/>

This is a example of a file i'm using for a skin overlay on some NPC, it is the same for outfits, you need the refid of the outfit and the source plugin 

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