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Multiple armors and weapons


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Hello folks,

I have a small problem and question regarding an ocurrence in my game. In addition to my standard armor replacer i use the Book of UUNP armor pack whichs adds its armors and clothes to the lvled lists. This works so far but my problem is that almost all npcs have now several different armors at once. Lets say a city guard has the normal light armor equipped, as well as 2 types of the same armor from Book of UUNP unequipped. It is not that problematic, as i just ignore the additional armors and loot only one, but thats additional stress on the engine, as well as annoying and sometimes time consuming. As for the armor this is also true for potions, poisons and such... sometimes 5 poisons, 2 Skooma Whore drugs and 2 health potions. So the inventory most times pretty messy...


So, about my question: If i remember correctly there are Keywords for merging via Wrye Bash and generating the bashed patch, but i have no clue how this works...

If that is the way, how does this function and can i do anything (like adding keywords?!?!) to get rid of the additional stuff. 

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