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  1. Idea about new function: Ever thought about adding a kind of auto-pause function, for example, if you park your follower at an Inn, while you try to raise money for payments on your own? Ofcourse you would have to pay the interest and/or some fee for the accomodation, but you had the chance to pay off the debt, without the follower accumulating more then you could ever buy out from. This could be done in form of an additional dialogue option (maybe similar to EFFs relax functionality) or if told to wait in an Inn (cause then you would not need EFF). This functionality would be deac
  2. This was exactly what I was looking for and it did the trick! Thank you very much!
  3. Good to know but besides bringing a prostition and slavery system to the table, how does it actually play? When does stuff trigger and what might happen? From the overview I understand that it is a well developed framework, but is it embedded into a story arc with quests or is it just mechanical, like bring me 500g or raise score to XY? Do you get to know Maria through quests, is there a developing relationship, are there more complex quests, with a storyline to follow? I mean... I am pretty sure that I have forgotten so much - Maria Eden is a very complex mod. Yo
  4. This would not help much, because all the addictions, besides sex, work very different from each other. I think the different addictions need more individual settings or at least need to be tweaked to some degree, that they work out of the box (more or less) For me it would be enough if I could specify that, lets say above 5 bjs á day would increase oral addiction/corruption (the more the merrier) and less would diminish it; there would be not much need for so many multiplicators and everybody could understand what is happening and could tweak it easily. Further I think that
  5. It depends on what you want or exspect: About the body modifications: I play SSE with 3ba and it works fine; all body alterations work like a charm and I did not encounter any major problems. However, at one point in time I deactivated compulsions, because I did not want it to interfere in quest scenes (and never turned it back on) About trauma: Did not work for me, I tested it with Peril and never got any trauma and I went back to SL Defeat and just ignored the Trauma mechanics. However, the mod has some problems: trauma s
  6. I have a problem with Adrianne in the Beauty and the Drunkard: I brought her from Whiterun to talk to Sigrid. They were talking and I left the House to go on adventuring. Some time later I was back in Riverwood and Adrianne came running from somewhere and is now following me. I do not see any dialogue to thank her or otherwise make her stop following. First I thought that I may have to lead her back home, but that did not help. At the moment I am looking in SEEdit if I there is a hidden quest I can end to send her back, but I cannot find a thing. I did however setstage 20 to c
  7. Any1 got legacy SLA like settings? My character is "debaucherous" in SL and my stats look like that: I use require line of sight for arousal change, but the rest is untouched. It is a little frustrating that the arousal diminishes rather then raises. It feels way too easy compared to the old-school arousal. It may be that my Dragonborn does not get much exposure herself, because She is the centre of attention and I dont use Hydra-Slavegirls or matchmaking mods at the moment. I guess if I did She would get more exposure. But as it stands now I can see the Arousal ticking down
  8. It was set to 0. Good tip! I used it together with Bodybuilders and I may have got negative numbers for some nodes. However, I am back on SGO4 beta 6 for now, so I may check in some time later 😃
  9. Is it a viable option as replacement of SGO3 on 3BA body?
  10. If you use SLSO you need a patch. ============ Any 1 got SGO3 working on 3bbb in SSE without SLIF SE? Armor is scaling fine, but body does not. Belly did work with SLIF but nothing works without. I tried both of the patched scripts from the conversion tracker. When using SLIF I tried the CBBE tullius bodymorph file, but it did not work either. SGO 4 worked fine for me, but for the missing alchemy and enchanting leveling. When I integrated SL Survival into my playthrough I went back to SGO3 for interaction between the two. Now I have uninstalled and save-clean
  11. Make it a habit of cleaning your overwrite folder, at least if you change profiles, by right clicking it and create new mod or merging/replacing earlier overwrite mods, you will have created before. As you can see, there are changes to SKSE, as well as scripts, so maybe your SLSO isn't actually on highest priority and you cannot see it, if its in MO2s overwrite and not in another mod. Another option is to righlick into the left pane and create empty mod and then have a look at what is in your overwrite and drag and drop it in newly created empty mods, e.g. the SSEEdit files into one, c
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