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Looking for mod suggestions, details inside

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So after a 3 odd year hiatus I am back in Tamriel. I was using LL mods before I stopped playing, so I know the basics, but I was hoping for some mod suggestions. I have all the frameworks in place. Favorite mod is defeat, I enjoy noncon. I am a girl and play one in game, always as the sub, so forced stuff is good. No guro or necro. Thanks everybody!

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19 minutes ago, jennievm said:

so you like defeat so rape is fine. Have a look at  sl kidnapped. If your like your character being kidnapped and used by all kinds of things then its something you will enjoy. 

Mhmhmhm you know how to make a girl happy!

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may want to check Slaverun Reloaded, or Simple Slavery (with its connected mods).


Slaverun Reloaded is best used on a new(ish) game ... ie start it before you reach 10th level (dialogue fits better that way).


any of Delazron's mods (A Forsworn Story, From The Deeps, and Things in the Dark to name 3), and Captured Dreams Shop are some other good ones.


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Get Stripped and Thief are incredible story-based mods with custom animations and scenes.  Best played on a dedicated save file IMO, because they tend to not have replay value once completed, but do take hours each to complete.  Both have the player character playing as a submissive female getting caught in embarrassing/adult situations.


A few newer gameplay-based mods that I'd highly recommend:


Sexist Guards - adds adult commentary to npcs and followers, and the player character has comments as well about their situation.  These include submissive and victim comments, so they fit extremely well with Defeat


Sexy Bandit Captives - adds sexy captive girls to many bandit camps, and includes lots of dialogue and gameplay around them.  Bandits will actively seek them out for sex, and the player has the choice of releasing them and helping them gear up to escape, or claiming them as their own.

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20 minutes ago, valcon767 said:

SLAL packs by Funnybizness, and you should check the packs by Anub, Nibbles,and for creatures Billy, Evacuation, and possibly Sailing Rebel.

Lieto has some nice animations (mostly consensual i think)


Thanks, will do. I love you sig by the way, the console comparison one

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