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Weird SL Ani "classification" error? (SOLVED)

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Hey all,


I have a female character and a female wife, and while strapon animations are neat, I wanted to have more FF animations to choose from, so I installed the Non-SL animation pack as well as the SL Animation Loader with some additional animations. After rebuilding FNIS animations (and FNIS seeing all animations), selecting the animations to add to SL in their respective MCMs, and then resetting the animations registry, I've noticed that only 1 animation loads when selecting FF interaction (it's a stupid one actually), not even the ones that used to be there, like Tribbing, and definitely not all of the ones I added with these packs.

They show up in SL's list, it's just that I've selected "Filter Gay/Lesbian Animations" because phantom stroking is lame, but when I deactivate the animation that keeps showing up, the straight animations come back, most likely because "the scene would have no animations at all".


I'm not sure what info to give, I'm using MO and had no problems with anything stock, followed all instructions (AFAIK).

Am I missing something? Start over with Sexlab? Don't use NSAP?


EDIT--- What happened was there were NO foreplay animations for FF interactions by default, and adding 1 new one meant that under my settings it would load every time. Using Spouses Enhanced.

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1 hour ago, cornpops said:

and then resetting the animations registry

Uh, are you sure that's he correct order of actions? Unless I'm completely off, resetting the registry *removes* all added animations.


Also, I don't think you need NSAP anymore, as all of its animations are also available in SLAL packs.

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