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My sim keeps her stockings and shoes while on the loo and during certain sex acts


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So, this is a ridiculously minor issue, I'm aware of that. Please bear with me. 


I've finally managed to have a functional mod setup (yay): 


Oniki's kinky world: I have my adult body parts (functional mix of Cmar and GeckO's works), nude clothing (Cmar), skins (GeckO) and Buhudain's body map. 

I used Master Controller to get my sim's naked appearances customised. Everything major works (thankfully). But I do find it weird that for this one little action - using the loo - my female sim just keeps her stockings and shoes on. I tried checking out KW's settings and MasterController, but I can't really find anything relevant? Or did I just miss it? Another funny thing is my female Sim keeps the same stockings and shoes while having doggy-style sex... I should point out that said clothes are all game-made (not CC). 


So again, I know these are very small things. I just enjoy realism as much as possible, but it really isn't a big deal if it has to stay that way. Just curious to see if anyone has had a similar "issue" and has any advice? ^_^


PS: many thanks to all the great modders here who put so much effort into making these great and entertaining additions to the game!! You're great!! :-)

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