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Seduce Enemies

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I'm trying to do a kind of stealth playthrough where if I get caught I switch to "plan B" if you know what I mean.


Basically are there any mods that allow the player to Immersively seduce an enemy or group of enemies into sex? Like maybe if you remove all your clothes or something they stop attacking and prompt to shag? I don't really want to have to cast spells and kind of take control of it myself because that kind of makes me feel seperated from what's going on I guess.


I already tried sexlab defeat but that's not really what I want, my character screaming all the time like they're being raped, it's gotta be almost consensual.


Would be nice if I didn't have to kill the enemy afterwards and they'd just be not hostile anymore since I'd "bribed them with sex" I guess.


Any mods like this exist? I tried looking but couldn't find much outside of spells that manually force an enemy to fuck you or rape mods... Thanks.

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