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A working hired help/naughty help equivalent.


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Yeah, mainly I just want to get my butler to stop wearing her situational outfit/uniform. So if there's a mod that does that it will do nicely. However, in my search, I came across the now dead mods that had some cool features of making other hired help live in. That seems pretty nifty, growing a garden now I could really use a live-in gardner. Google isn't giving me any useful hits so far, just dead mods or completely unrelated ones. :confused: 

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I think, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure you can change the outfits of Service sims with MCCC. I'm not sure about the other thing, there's a mod to add service sims to lots but I think that's for like bartenders and massage people, don't know if it does gardeners too. I completely forgot what its called too, so not much help. Sorry.

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