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Can someone HELP me with my custom armor for fallout 4!!!

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This is my first time making a armor and the modeling portion of it went well but its the rest of the stuff im struggling with. I have been trying and failing to get my armor to work in fallout 4. i have spent hours fucking around to no avail. i have included my maya 2017 save file and my nif that may or may not work.


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One thing I would suggest is to try to knock down that poly count on your RR.nif it's almost 10K in size your other 2 the FemaleVault111Suit.nif and RougeRanger.nif are even worse both of those are 20K+ in size those 2 also have a ton of unknown property: ninode errors and nothing appears in either nifs. You really really need to drop the poly count on all three of these nifs or they are probably going to cause CTD issues in your game if you get them in there.


I don't have fallout 4 or how to get them into that game but poly count is usually the same in all games.

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