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What greatsword is in this video?

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13 minutes ago, Draspire said:

Ha, "er hong", the moment I see this name I know the thing you are looking for is PRIVATE.


One alternative is this mod together with FunkyGandalfCat's remodeled MLGS, more or less offering the same outcome, if you tune the texture & effects a little bit.

A damn shame, really. His videos have the best Skyrim combat mods in my opinion too. I suppose the link you provided will have to do, thanks!

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On 09/01/2018 at 5:11 AM, 222304 said:

well, more-so the actual rear-naked choke first person animation

This seems to be Defeat standard choke when you sneak and try to surrender someone(as shown later in the video when he ties a bandit too), I suppose you could make it work in first person if you installed a first person view mod

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