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For recording, I like the OBS StudioΒ https://obsproject.com/Β which is linked in the youtube video before. It lets you do a lot of neat things besides just recording the game. If you wanted to do a picture in picture with a webcam, or stream to twitch or whatever.


On 1/7/2018 at 9:13 PM, Lestat1627 said:

Thank's guy .:smiley:


While there are, another question:
but when you add the mods, you have to restart the game from scratch to make them work?

Not always, and in most cases no. Some mods because they overhaul so much do require a new save. Others just require you to close the game, activate the plugin, then reload your save. In the case the mod is a texture or model replacer only with no plugin, then just closing and reopening the game will suffice.Β  Any mod that will require you to start a new game will generally say so in their description.

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