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Install order vs Load Order - Generic Help Needed


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I am a man of excesses...  and like a little bit of everything, and am insanely curious ta boot.

Before I started this new thread, I searched the adult section for "Install Order" and found nothing... so I am starting a new thread.


My load order is usually taken care of via loot OR when my Mod Organizer sends up a warning and wants to change things in house.

I have found some (minimal) guidance regarding install order and its overall effect... but I know it has to have some.  When I do find it, it is usually genre specific, as in "Devious" themed, "Creature" themed, Visual, Immersive etc etc... I like a little bit of everything and flirt near the 255 limit as new things come and go.

So with that in mind.... what is the best "INSTALL" order ?  For example, here is the info from the More Nasty Creature install guide

Install in this order
Skyrim Script Extender (aka: SKSE)
Fores New Idles (aka: FNIS) (don't forget to download the "FNIS Creature Pack")




SexLab Tools

Sexlab Aroused Redux (you only need it's bsa file to prevent the "Creature Framework API reference not found" error)

More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition (aka: MNC)

Creature Framework


SexLab Animation Loader (aka: SLAL)


Ok... so when do you install the hair mods?  Voice Relacers?  NPC overhauls?  Body Textures?  Visually Overhauls, Quests? SOS?  Parasite SL mods?  Follower Mods?  High Heels? Armor? etc etc?

As I said, I am using Mod Organizer, which will let me reorganize the install order.... I am flying a bit blind though... any help?

I forgot... Devious Devices, Slavery mods...  you know... all the fund stuff!



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Also you are using MO, so a change on the install order just means little changes on the "loadorder" from the left panel, not actually re-installing anything. As MO does not delete similar files but keeps every mod files into separated folders, most of the times you dont have to worry about overwrite. And if the files from a certain mod are being overwrited by another mod then a) MO will show a conflict and propose a fix or b) you can check and/or test different orders on the left panel. Sometimes 2 different mod include the same dependency (ex papyrusutil) and loading the most up to date mod last would make sense. Sometimes its just a texture being replace for 2 or more mods, and you can choose which texture will load in the game by moving the mods on the left panel.

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Think of the Left Pane in MO as your Data folder. The game reads it from top to bottom and uses the last file it finds. So, if you have a mod that changes Ysolda's hair, and outfit , 3rd from the top, then a mod that changes her skin and outfit 5th, then a mod that changes her eyes and hair 7th ... by way of example, you will get the skin and outfit from the 5th mod and the eyes and hair from the 7th and the 3rd mod will be completely ovewritten. Exactly as would have happened if you used NMM and said 'yes' to overwirtes. MO makes a data folder when you run the game. There is only one spot for Ysolda's hair, so it takes the last thing it finds. The advantage of this is if you change your mind about her hair, you don't have to uninstall and reinstall stuff, you can just swap the position of their mods in the left pane of MO.


Another neat trick MO will let you do, if you right click a mod and look at infomation then the conflicts tab, it will show you what it will be overwriting, and what is being overwritten, and you can swap individual files between these two catagories, rather than whole mods. Useful if you like say most of the textures from one mod, but just one or two from another mod.


The Pluggin pane,  RH side, works the same way. You just don't have the flexibility to swap bits of pluggins around the way you do in the LH pane. You just have to order it so the stuff you want is further down the list. (actually you can use TES5edit to make overrides to your pluggins ... but ... I am not going to explain that now)


So when you have an install order like the one above, it is usually reference to NMM users, because once they install stuff, it overwrites the other stuff and to change it, you have to start again. You will want to order your LH pane and RH pane according to this, but you can install them in any order you like with MO and then shuffle them around later.


Look in the mods and group them together so that mods that alter the same directories are grouped together and you are getting the files that you want last in that group. It doesn't matter where the hair is, eg, as long as the hair that you want isn't getting overwritten by another mod that has a different version of it later on.


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