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Sexlab has an extra menu for stripping, so aside from getting a male nude body in general (and a female too if you don't have one) there you can check which piece of armor is currently worn and at which slot. Many slots are disabled by default, but there are a couple of custom clothes that use them. You should really check for those slots, though, don't just enable everything. Sexlab mentions ALL slots there including hairs etc, so you don't want all enabled.

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Now we are hereΒ :tongue:


But to be able to make the mod work, unlike when specified in the attached guide (it did not work),
I manually entered all the necessary files in the respective folders
putting apart the esp / esm files
I restarted the game and after a few seconds the modΒ  :tongue: .Β Thank you anyway for your availability.

I have already set the SexLab also popping free slots, but the cloak strangely remains seen that falls in the back slots




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You haven't disabled it in sexlab's item strip editor in the mcm menu. You say you manually installed this also not a good idea in my opinion. If you cannot get it off using the strip item editor sexlab menu provides you have overwritten something. All clothing items regardless of slot will show up in the strip item editor even stuff you haven't got equiped

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10 hours ago, Lestat1627 said:


The cloak would be the least of the evils (I will remove it first :smiley:), but the man who has sex without a penis is dramatic.
For the strip the only slot that I have to check is the queue all the others are checked.

Have you installed a male body mod like sos or sam ? You need either of those to have a penis showing.

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