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This is just a quick and dirty alteration of lovers bed I made to allow the player to have sex with an NPC when they get into bed with them.


You still need the .ini file from the original mod here http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15113-lovers-bed/


Due to the way I've gotten this to work, you will also need to install see you sleep http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42649/?


Have fun

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Here is an updated version I made.


*You can lie down in owned beds when you take off your pants first, and if there is someone sleeping there, sex starts immediately. 

(You unequip pants/greaves and wait the same 3 seconds of delay that is used to check if sex between NPCs will start, and then you can lie down in bed. You can change it in the .ini)


*If you own the bed or are in the faction that owns the bed, and you lie down with your pants on, you will have to wait the required 3 seconds and then hope you get lucky for sex to start, like for all NPCs and like in the original mod above. But if you take off your pants while in bed, sex will start immediately.


*Rape in bed is if the disposition of the defender is less than 50 towards the offender. Above the limit of 50 it is a random chance, at 70 disposition there is a 50% chance it is a rape or not (just because they are friends doesn't mean she wants him to fuck her.) If randomchance is above 90 it will be a rape no matter the disposition (for the same reason, just because one wants to have sex doesn't mean the other one also wants.)

This can all be set in the ini


*You will not get a message anymore of "You hear the moans of a man and a woman" when it is you having sex. And if someone else is having sex you will not see the message if you see them or if you are closer than 500 units.


*If it is a rape in the bed the offender won't stop just because someone comes too close. And if it is not a rape, it depends on the offender's disposition towards the looker and distance if sex will be cancelled or not (including if it is the player getting screwed)


*The ini is updated

loversbed for player updated.7z

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