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All these Mods are up to date including the new Whicked Whims update. Does anyone know why it is coming up as a Broken Mod? 


Also so does anyone know why one of the Whicked Whims files is conflicting with these other files? 


Any help on how to get this all sorted would be great!! Thank you 



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Its hard to know whats going on here, is your game working with the mods? Conflicts are not always game-breaking.


What game version do you have? If its not the most recent EA game version then maybe you have mods that are beyond your game version? (you may need older mod version or update your game).


Maybe the conflict detector isn't up-to date and that's why its reading false positives, if your game is crashing, posting the last exception file would help a lot more in solving the issue.

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My game is working with the mods it just keeps saying update game and repair game, even though I already have. Which is why I checked the mod conflict detector and that came up.


So I figured the conflicting files may be the problem.


It says my version is 




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