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TES5LODGen > DynDOLOD > Dragonlands ENB > now what?


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Hello folks,


this is a very noobish question, and has most likely been answered a thousand and more times by now, but please forgive this poor soul for being utterly in need of a point in the right direction.


Problem is: I followed the recommended advices of the new dragonland ENB and optimized my system with TES5LODGen and DynDOLOD for the first time. It took me some time to get it working as intended (the tools, not the game), but I managed to get it working smoothly. Indoors is wonderful. Outdoors is the problem because I seem to have "patched" away the fog of war. Meaning when I stand in Whiterun (e.g.), and take a look around, I can now see too far. I patched for medium quality, performance wise.


What I need is a fog of war effect, or whatever one calls it. Did I screw up the LOD patches, or do I have to scale down the visibility in the skyrim.ini or something like this?


Thanks in advance for your effort and happy new year ;3




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you must be the first person to complain they can see too far in a game!

but try changing the actor distance in skyrim.ini since many players and mods specifically add a setting there to extend the distance at which actors are shown

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