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Sexout - KissKey

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My first Sexout mod, inspired by SexoutSexKey. Just aim at an NPC and press 'k' to kiss that NPC. It uses the A.J. kissing animation which is included in Sexout.


I think loverslab could use more romance/softcore type of mods. Hopefully this isn't my last mod since it gave me some basic knowledge of the API. I also still play Fallout 4 and Skyrim (SE) so as soon as I start another playthrough of those I might do some more modding there too.


If there are any issues, suggestions or tips, please let me know!


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It's pretty clear in the name, that this mod requires a full installation of Sexout. Did you install all steps necessary?


58 minutes ago, trollllslslss said:

why you guys post some files with no tutorial how to install?!


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