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Animations - Power Attacks and Casting, player exclusive?


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I'm trying to make some custom power-attacks and casting animations only apply to the player, so I shoved the animations I wanted into a specialanims folder and ticked off every box with the new animations in the Construction Set on the Player Actor, made my ESP, made my bashed patch, ensured the animations were patched properly using TES4Edit. Here's a shot:




They're all there, and they aren't being overwritten by anything else, using MO to ensure that. Also used Blockheadizer (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45625) to name and separate some animations, which is why they have ridiculously long names. 


So, any idle animations work, no problems. But attack-animations, well they are hit and miss. 




Normal attack and casting animations are added to the pool of existing vanilla animations, so they'll use both the new and the old animations. I would've preferred to overwrite the old completely, but alright, at least it's something.


Power attacks don't work AT ALL. I have no idea what gives. 

Is there any way I can fix both of these issues? Or is this an engine problem where Oblivion can't recognize certain animations within the specialanims folder? 

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I found an old post about it where Fore explained how it worked with player exclusive animations. 

Basically: You can't.


Power-attacks flat-out don't work. And you cannot get rid of the occasional vanilla attack or cast animation. Game limitation, it simply cannot be done.


It's all random, but you can make modded animations play more frequently. 

You can reduce the chance of a vanilla animation playing by duplicating the desired animation under a different name, and add it to the pool of modded animations to reduce the odds of a vanilla animation being played. 


That's about it... Oh Oblivion, how you disappoint. Skyrim and FNIS has spoiled me. 

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