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Help with BodySlide WeightConverter - Weight Slider in game not working correctly


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I got the following problem I tried to extract an armor from Skyrim Witcher Experience (Vran Armor), unfortunately the armor has only max weight meshes, so I used bodyslides weight converter to get the min weight meshes. My problem is now, that the armor doesn't scale correctly in game, it is stuck in min weight until I change my characters weight to 100.



0-99 -> min weight

100 -> max weight


Anyone an idea what could be causing this issue?


Maybe I messed something up when converting the min weight meshes?

Edit: So by now I'm pretty sure I messed up the weight conversion in bodyslide. Btw I was also a bit confused, since I'm playing a male character (yeah, don't judge me), and when using weight converter, I can only chose the female body types, also I couldn't find a tutorial for weight converter on youtube or somewhere else.




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