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Can't download Sims 4 due to disk drive space


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Hi I just recently got this laptop for Christmas and its brand new. So I downloaded origin and trying to download Sims 4 but in the C: drive there's not enough space and that I need 1.99 GB of free space plus the download size is 12.00 GB and the size after installation is 12.46 GB. The C drive has 10.4 GB free of 27.8 GB. I tried CCleaner, rebooting the pc, the disk cleanup, deleting files from the pc, nothing seems to work. I'm not sure on what else I can do.

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You maybe need to get an external USB HD so you can store your downloaded software...anything from 500GB - 3TB would do...just use your internal drive for your OS.Also make sure you hardware is up to date...graphics and memory..plus CPU.Plus also check the spects of your computer to the game your getting before you splash out and buy.. likeĀ https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/the-sims-4/12305

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