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[Question] What's the story regarding rape mods?

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Just getting back into the swing of it after a long absence from playing Skyrim, and I'm coming onto the end of rebuilding my entire mod list. I was wondering if there are any new or freshly updated rape mods?


Generally I used Sexlab Submit, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I could use. Submit is a bit clunky because it was built to be ambitious (real time combat rape mechanics) but seemed to get abandoned.

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There are a couple "sex instead of death" mods, for raping NPCs it's more limited. However, Defeat is the most common and offers both, somewhat similar to submit but far more advanced. I believe submit should still work but i really don't know. Another option is https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4005-absolute-necro/ . There you actually die, get necroed and a quest to get back to live again from your ghost form. Didn't try yet, but it sounds intersting. If you want to play with deviously cursed loot anyways it has a combat rape option now too, but way too much stuff if that's all you want even if you can disable pretty much everything seperated. Probably some more if you look around...

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I can confirm that Submit still works and that it can also be installed concurrently with Defeat without issues. As I play exclusively as the aggressor, I use both as they offer things the other doesn't. If you play on the victim side, one or the other should suffice or you could even go with Scent of Sex.  The latter allows you to set up all kinds of rules for sex to occur and setting up a rule to kick in when (your) health drops below a certain threshold is one of the most straightforward to set up.

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