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No Texture Genitalia on Certain Wolf Types

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Yesterday I installed Bad Dog's Immersive Creatures and Immersive Hentai Creatures in order to add to the Immersive Creatures mod I already had installed. After doing so, I quickly noticed that some of the wolves (the files will show) have genitalia with no textures. I am assuming something went wrong with that installation.


Mod List: https://modwat.ch/u/Stamaskas/plugins


-I have More Nasty Creatures already installed

-I did the reinstall mods in the Creature Framework


I am not very experienced with these mods so I apologize if this is a common thing all over. Nothing really came up when I tried looking for an answer.


Thanks for your time and assistance. 



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First thing you should do is go into your steam and change your screenshot type from .BMP to JPEG/JPG because not many want to download something to view it or you can get paint - net which is free to use and load the .BMP files into it and then click save as and change the file format to JPEG/JPG and then save it ad then upload them.


I would get nifskope and open the mesh files from the mod and check the file pathway in the nifs for the textures with the texture pathway in the game folder to see if they match. Might also be caused by a conflict if you have 2 mods that alter the same thing the last one in your load order is going to win. 

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