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Body texture mods without face textures?


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This may sound weird but are there any body/skin texture mods that don't alter the face textures?  I use a face texture mod called Pretty Face and I love it.  I want to keep using it.  It works well with the normal UNP body textures (no visible neck seams) but I would like to experiment with other body textures.  Probably is that all the ones I've tried have their own face textures and they're downright ugly in my eyes.  I tried to keep Pretty Face active but it creates a horrible neck seam with the new body.


Is there such a texture mod out there or will Pretty Face have to go if I want to try something else? 

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The major problem you are going to face by using only parts of a texture pack is the each texture pack is made solely for the textures in the pack to be used in a group this is because they are made to match each other. Using parts from a pack is going to give you the good old texture mismatch problem where your players head/body part is a different color then your body. You might be ale to use some type of texture blend tool to try to get the 2 seams to blend so that the seam is less noticeable.

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