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CTD When Entering/Exit Buildings (Whiterun/Bannered Mare)


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I seem to be having issues whenever I'm leaving/coming into certain places such as Whiterun or a building that has a load screen. I cleaned my save files to make sure there wasn't any wonky scripts or weird stuff. I'm not sure if its a memory/vram issue or possibly mod amount either. I'm sure I have Safety Load, SKSE Memory Patch, Enboost, and some other utilities. I want to say the culprit is the BeeingFemale Scripts (FWAbility) or CreatureFramework.


Attached will be my load order and most recent papyrus logs.



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whiterun is notorious for being crashy during the first few stages of the alduin quest line it usually gets better if you push through it. additionally, your papyrus has exploded, its stack dumping everywhere primarily in beeing female it seems. the stacks have taken out half your mods like a matter of time, sqds (whatever that is). creature features isn't helping you either based on that log file once it starts doing that nothing is going to work right until you figure it out.


[12/23/2017 - 01:20:14PM] Error: Unable to call RegisterForSingleUpdate - no native object bound to the script object, or object is of incorrect type
    [Active effect 12 on  (0001B136)].fwabilitybeeingfemale.RegisterForSingleUpdate() - "<native>" Line ?
    [Active effect 12 on  (0001B136)].fwabilitybeeingfemale.OnUpdate() - "FWAbilityBeeingFemale.psc" Line 165
[12/23/2017 - 01:20:14PM] BeeingFemale: Orphaned BeeingMale OnEffectFinish
[12/23/2017 - 01:20:14PM] BeeingFemale: Orphaned BeeingMale OnEffectFinish



i would go through all your mcms and turn off features you know you dont want (including any debugging options, you wont learn anything about crashes from papyrus log, because debugging writing to log slows everything down), and maybe blasting your save with savecleaner to kill off any unattached instances.


any mod mcm which mention cloaks (like creature features) i would start bumping those settings higher so they do less things less often. 


get rid of any compatibility patches if you installed any that are not supported by the official mod authors, like if you overwrote anything in beeing female to make it work with something else, and its not official.



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I’m going to try and uninstall some addons I may have for BeeingFemale (the RS Children Add-on) and personally go through every MCM and disable some features/debugging options. For Creature Framework though, I have most of the settings such as Cell / Cloak timers to prevent frying the Papyrus log. Is it safer just to disable some features of CF?

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