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Hidding adult content


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For those of us who's computer might be used by someone else from time to time - is there any way to either have a hidden install of Skyrim somewhere, or maybe a secret location that is only accessible through console command where all the adult content kicks in?



Sorry I didn't update sooner, but thanks to everyone who replied (including the strange accusations, they made me laugh). Anyway, here is what I did:



I made a True-crypt volume ( http://www.truecrypt.org/ ) on another hard drive I made it 20gigs in size. Figured that would be enough. Gave it an inconspicuous name and placed it where I could find it. I then copied my Steam install to this new true-crypt volume following roughly the same instructions for moving a Steam install found here:




I did not remove my old steam location, just made a copy of it to this new location and deleted the files mentioned in the instructions for moving a Steam install.


Before running Steam from the new location, I made a new windows profile. Once I logged into that profile I opened the True-crypt volume and ran Steam and then ran Skyrim. This created a new save and other folder locations in a My Documents folder tied to this new profile. I exited Skyrim and Steam.


Then I logged back into my machine as normal and did a registry edit to hide the new profile I made so it wouldn't be seen when someone logged on.




If you do a search for "windows 7 hide user account" you kind find similar instructions elsewhere that might be better.


Now I have a second install of Skyrim that I can do whatever I want with without screwing up my lore-friendly install. To run my other install I do this:


Log into the machine as normal (not into the hidden user account, just my normal login). Run true-crypt and open my password protected file that contains the new Steam install. Hold down shift and right click Steam.exe and there will be an option for "Run as different user". Just enter the name and password for the hidden user account I set up and log into Steam.


Sounds more complicated than it really is, but for me it is perfect. I have a separate and hidden install of Skyrim I can do whatever I want with without fear of screwing up my normal game or causing any unnecessary mental anguish to my significant other.


Everyone is free to debate as to why I may want to have a hidden install and come to whatever conclusions you like. I just wanted to update the post with this information should others be looking for the same thing and I hope someone finds it useful.

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Mods are too intergrated into the game for any of that. What you would need to do is close Steam, rename your Skyrim directory under Steamapps\common to something else, then redownload a vanilla copy of the game from Steam.


Then go to Documents\My Games\Skyrim and rename your "Saves" folder to something different. I use this method to have multiple character save folders.


This would give you a clean installation for anyone who wants to play.


When you want access to your content, just rename the Skyrim folder to something like "Skyrim-Vanilla," and rename your modded content to "skyrim" and do the same for your save folder.


If you want to mod your "vanilla" skyrim install, you'll have issue if you're using a mod manager depending on where the config files are saved. You could manually install mods to one install and use the mod manager on the other with little issue. Just avoid opening the mod manager when you're working with the manual install Skyrim folder.

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I have to wonder why someone is trying to hide mods on a game.

He could be way to young to even be posting on this site and trying to hide content from family. If you believe that to be so, I could always delete my post.


I just assumed he's of age but has friends/family that may also enjoy playing Skyrim and maybe he's not comfortable with them seeing adult mods on his game, even those like skimpy armor that are pretty tame.

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because they are 'old enough', but don't want their little brother who is NOT 'old enough', to get a little Flesh For Fantasy from his skyrim install on the shared computer.


And to be clear it's not because of the little brother, but because they don't want to hear it from mom "why is there giant tits and maid outfits with cow spots in little johnny's skyrim!"


as a dad with a 19 and 9 yr old boys that both want to play "dad's skyrim" i have a bit of experience with this.


all he did was ask a quesiton, not submit himself for judgement. If you're going to judge this guys age on this post, then judge others as well before you reply. He's done nothing to indicate his age.


couple things you can do . . .

1) find all your mods on nexus.

2) before your session, use nexus mod manager to install them.

3) play the game.

4) at the end of the session use NMM to UNinstall the mods.


This will work if you don't have admin privs. you could probably even get cute with autohotkey and make a macro that would automate all this.


But if you forget, it's your ass.



Windows profile: this method will have 2 completely discreet skyrim installs.

1) create a new personalized windows profile

2) install steam to a different directory

3) install skyrim to a different directory

4) setup your profile so that it locks the screen when the screensaver comes on.



if you have admin privs, this is the most solid way to do it. It's clean and even if you do forget to log out, the screen will blank and whoever sits down will have to log in.


If your mom (read: wife (read: controlling girlfriend)) is NOT aware of what you want to do, AND you do not have admin privs, AND you're 'old enough', then my advice is to GTFO from this controlling animatron and go live your fucking life. what are you a man or a moron? real life is not Everybody Loves Raymond or King of Queens.

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You could always go to your appdata folder and look for plugins.txt in this directory C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Skyrim\plugins.txt (assuming you use vista/w7) you can make a copy of it and put it somewhere you consider safe. Then you could disavle any .ESP you dont want people to see and save that plugins.txt too. Then you can just switch the .txt files as you need to. If you know some basic programing you could make a batch file to do the switches for you. Of course this would only work for non replacer mods, for those you would have to uninstall using mod manager or other tool or integrate it in your batch file if you know exactly what files are being replaced...but personally i would go with the different window profile tip by Monsto...

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Its easy if you just have 2 installations. 1 "private" and the other public. Just make sure that when you save on your "private installation" the screen shots don't show your skimpy outfits or whatnot.


2 separate installations will be a pain to pull off with a single steam login. probably can't do it at all on the same profile because of all the stuff that skyrim and steam both put all over the profiles User dir.

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Look for a tool called 'Mod Organizer', available on nexus. Instead of installing each mod into Skyrim data folder, it keeps them separated, each mod in its own folder. Then when you run Skyrim, it emulates a custom data folder with the selected mods. You can activate and deactivate mods (including texture mods and whatnot) with a single click in a checkbox (and it is done instantly, no waiting for installation like in NMM). To make things easier, you can set up profiles that use different sets of mods.

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