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  1. Ok, I found a way to 'fix' it. I don't know if I have a bug, if this is a mechanic, or if there's something wrong in my game since I use a different timescale than the original one (although not that different from the vanilla timescale, and normal cum after sex disappears after a while like it's supposed to). When you first enter the Temple, before even speaking to Senna, the script to apply the 'sweat' takes about three or four seconds to kick in. Before that happens, you can sprint to the left flower statue and quickly press the 'toggle sweat mechanic' or whatever it's called. This way, the 'sweat' never even shows up in the first place.
  2. Also, while I'm at, is there a way to disable your character getting covered in jizz when you go inside the temple? Because it's been a while and it just won't go away. Even using Sexlab's Adventures "clear cum" hotkey won't do anything.
  3. Anyone else have this issue? Senna's dress seems to be partially broken.
  4. How do Expressions work? Rather, HOW TO MAKE Expressions work? I've been fiddling with them today and my character either goes back to the default 'pleasure' expression during sex, or she has no expression at all. Only every once in a while Sexlab applies the facial expressions I've customized in the MCM. It's very inconsistent.
  5. It'd be cool if the animations got progressively more and more intimate. Starts with handjobs/footjobs, moves onto blowjobs, then finally vaginal. I play as an Altmer character, and kissing animations unfortunately don't play very well with her, because of the height differences. Everything else is manageable (although blowjobs are also kinda hard to work with).
  6. Requesting some QOL changes: - When you're serving tables, you don't have to tell the innkeeper you wanna continue working after client. - Also when serving tables, remove rape when clients harass you, so long as you say "sorry sir, I'm busy now". Keeping rape as a possibility when you choose the other option ("get your hands off me!") is fine, though.
  7. I'm having an odd issue. Feet tattoos are simply not working. Tattoos on every other body part are. I don't know when they stopped working, because I remember they used to.
  8. Is this standalone? Or do I need to have the original Defeat? Also, do I need anything else, or just this patch?
  9. Any plans to add the ability to make certain enemies become passive so long as you have your weapon sheathed or a prostitute item equipped (like a ring of prostituion or whatever), just like in a few other mods? So that you can walk around the Commonwealth and sell your body as an alternative to fighting. Beggar Whore has this feature, but that mod isn't really focused on prostitution.
  10. Are Institute scientists (the generic, non-unique ones) supposed to approach you? That's not even the main issue. The problem is that if you teleport while they're approaching you, they teleport with you.
  11. Well, I know what you're talking about. Some mods have some scripts that make NPCs do things every once in a while (like approach you, for instance). Problem is, Vanilla Fudge is literally the only AAF mod I have installed right now, aside from the obvious, like the requirements, and all the animation packs. Anyway, I have two suggestions/requests; would it be possible to make a hotkey to turn the mod and off? And also, would it be possible to default the sex animations to oral?
  12. This mod is being kinda inconsistent for me. My load order isn't very heavy (I think), and yet my character seems to flirt in only about 1/3 of times. I often get the "failed to load flirty dialogue" or whatever error too. It has a very high priority in my load order, only above my Merged Patch, Start me Up and such, so I don't think that's the issue.
  13. Do I really need this? I don't want my females to have strapons/be futanari or whatever.
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