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changing font size in Bigger_events mod


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I have installed the Bigger_events mod. I have tried to change the font size of the left page description from Vic 18 to Vic 30. Nothing happens. I have tried the same in the standard game file in the interface directory. No result. Changing the font size in the excel file in the locations directory does not work either (besides creating a mess). Anybody know how it works?

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Font-color-size combinations need to be defined for the game to be able to use them (don't knoe how, possibly you need to create the glyphs for the desired style size and color and edit some file tomake the game ablr to use the asset)


In any case, that reminds me that I need to update the bigger_event mod to use the new functionalities added in 2.8, which are way better than hijscking one of the vanilla event windows.

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