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  1. A mod I am working on based on bits and pieces from other mods. The rape part is from Tosca, which I have modified, adding and expanding stuff. I don't think I will upload it since it is in perpetual change and is probably not compatible with other mods. I am not a good coder, but I enjoy modding the game almost as much as playing it. Thanks! this looks good and very much cleaner than what I cobbled together. As I said I am not a good coder. I will try it today. Question: if I don't expect to use this trigger elsewhere can I include it directly in the character_interaction?
  2. Would this do the trick? used as follows:
  3. I have the following ai_will_do modifier in a character_interaction: Does anybody know why the error_log keeps spamming me with the following error: I haven't been able to test the particular situation the modifier covers, but why wouldn't this work? The idea here is that a vengeful character will rape a prisoner who is the wife or daughter of his rival or nemesis
  4. It was. Taking the above out worked. Now I have to solve the resulting problems 🤪
  5. I just noticed that at the very end sex_with_effect also contains the following Suddenly Character_2 becomes the sex_player ( I don't really understand why ). This could be the origin of my problem.
  6. Tried it, didn't work. The strange thing is that the character_ interaction does not create the scopes sex_player and sex_target, only actor and recipient. The scopes sex_player and sex_target in the event are created by sex_with_effect in the immediate block and only then applied to the event. But sex_with_effect sets them as follows So how is it possible that $CHARACTER_1$ (which is scope:actor) then becomes scope:sex_target and not scope_sex_player? What creates the switch? It can't be a timing issue since I have deleted the highlighted blocks.
  7. The question is justified, however I added some effects to the test_had_sex_with_effect which make it important that the correct characters are respectively Character_1 and Character_2. Among others it compares traits. If not it messes up the localization. Does sex_with_effect require custom tool-tips? It contains 3 tool-tips but what if I just delete them?
  8. I have a question which I will post here because I suspect it has to do with the had_sex_with_effect scripted effect as modified by Carnalitas. I am using this in a mod I am working on. The question is as follows: I have modified the rape character_interaction from Tosca's mod so that ai characters also use it. I am now working on an event chain which is triggered when my player character is imprisoned and raped by the ai jailor. I want an event to trigger when my player character is imprisoned and raped by the ai jailor. As you can see t
  9. You mention here that it is possible to mod "age of adulthood". Do you mean just changing the age number or can you also add other script? For example I would like to add an if_else block to certain Defines, but I am unable to do so.
  10. No just that it is queued twice. Which given that it exists twice, once in vanilla and once in my mod sort of makes sense.
  11. You could try : Thing 4 would be blocked. Thing 3 would happen. Don't know if Thing 4 would "fire" again though.
  12. Another question. If I want to add a code block to a vanilla adultery event, and I want this modified file to override the original event how do I do this? I have tried copying the entire vanilla adultery_events folder into my mod, including the modified event. The original event folder also remains in the vanilla game. I use the same name for the folder as in the vanilla game and I use the same namespace for the event. The error log informs me : Event adultery.0001 has been queued twice with the same data including delay Do I need to change the
  13. I don't understand how Thing 4 can apply the crime to the criminal, if the criminal doesn't yet exist. To whom or what is the crime applied?
  14. I solved it by adding the following to the event that called the error: I suppose the variable wasn't found because the machine wasn't looking for it. The if block seems to trigger it.
  15. You could be on to something there. The code block is the following: So when I set the variable, I refer to another variable, basic_sex_drive. The intention is to get the numerical value of that variable (which is a constant which each character gets at birth although it varies per character) and to be able to modify it depending on circumstances. In game this works, all characters have a basic_sex_drive and a current_sex_drive and they both have a numerical value attached to them. The current_sex_drive changes all the time. The only place where I get an error is in the fema
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