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  1. As Queen of Germany, married matrilineally, I am getting inbred children as as result of an affair with myself ! I am playing with DWR. But this seems like a bug in the vanilla game. Has anybody else had this strange result?
  2. I am still using DWR version1.3. I noticed during play that my first generation character started out with an above average dick-size but the next and following generation reverted to size tiny. In general over play all dynasty generations have a tendency to shrink in size. I looked at the code in DWF 1.5 to see if something had been updated but noticed that in scripted effects the add_body_size_variables effect is "empty" The script reads: add_body_size_variables = { } Am I missing something?
  3. Thanks! This worked, I now get the dog in the lovers box if the character is_female. And the female also appears as the lover in the dogs box. However, in addition the female also appears as the dogs Educator. Lots of potential here but it is not what i was trying to achieve. Could the educator be linked to the dogs age (age = 17) ? If the character is < is_female = no > the dog does not appear in the character's friend box, and the character himself is listed as Educator in the dog's family box. So there is a problem with the add_friend command ( but it did work in an earlier stage ) I tried using is_friend but that makes no difference.
  4. I tried ROOT ( I also tried using <event_target:rsl_dog_owner> instead of root ) but it doesn't make a difference. I suppose that the add_friend and add_lover commands impact both characters (each of them gets a friend, respectively a lover ) although I can't see it in the code. Is this hard-coded? I have looked in the commands list but there is no command add_educator so where could that come from? Maybe the game doesn't accept that human culture characters and dog_culture characters become lovers. Is it possible to verify this?
  5. I have the following event chain: The event works, a new character is created (I still can't get the static picture to show but I'll continue trying ) however, the dog character is not added to the player character as a friend in the relations screen although it did appear previously. The only thing that I changed was in the event resulting from another option "choose a breeding dog: I added the part highlighted in yellow. Since then the dog is no longer added as a friend in either event, but even stranger the player character appears in the family screen of the dog as an Educator ( not lover as the code provides for ) but not in the player character screen as a ward. I suppose there is a scope issue here but where does the Educator come from?
  6. I have defined the trait in common/interface/traits/remedy_portrait_traits fighting_dog = { hidden = yes # Do I want this hidden? customizer = no random = no } Should it be in the traits folder? In the event I use: trait = fighting_dog should this be: portrait_has_trait ?
  7. I need some more help on the static portraits I have been trying to use the file that was sent to me by lockeslylcrit but am still having problems. The file worked once in the console but on the wrong character ( that was my own fault ) but I was never able to repeat it and ideally I would want it to function without the use of the console but through the event script. Comparing the files you sent me with the Red Sonja example you used I am still wondering when to use the name of the template file ( the collected 27 frames, in my case various_beast) and when to use the name of the single portrait file ( a single picture in the chain of 27 pictures, in my case fighting _dog ). For example in the interface sprite file: the red sonja example shows This would correspond to using the 27 frame file twice. the file you sent me, however, combines the two different file names The same thing is true for the Portrait file Red Sonja: The file you sent me I've tried both solutions but neither works. Although your file did work once. Could you eliminate one approach for me so I can concentrate on the correct one?
  8. Thanks for all the help. I'll start looking at the pic files and using your template to see if I can get the hang of it.
  9. The template file various_beast. and the individual file fighting_dog various_beast.dds fighting_dog.dds
  10. I think I am starting to see the logic. But it still doesn't work I have renamed the gfx template: various_beast the picture in frame 1 of the template remains: fighting_dog The code is then: the portrait file then is: remedy_portrait_trait remains the event still calls the trait fighting_dog Using the same name for both the whole template and the separate pic was confusing, maybe this will help finding the error.
  11. I have made all the changes but it still does not work. I did not understand what you did in your last quote where do the 19, 33 etc come from? Looking at the code how does the machine know that it has to pick frame 1 in the 27 frame template? Is it enough to have the picture in the frame or must it also be stored as a separate file? Thanks for your step by step guide, this will save me hours of frustration!
  12. I think i'll try paint.net. GIMP drives me crazy.Especially since I downloaded the most recent version.
  13. Static portrait is still not showing: I did the following: Trait in traits/remedy_portrait_traits traits in interface/trait_icons ( this is where the regular trait icon sprite_type go ) is this also required for the static portrait ? Portrait interface in interface/portraits/static_portraits Thanks to Rascalov the gfx file now seems ok. The event works , the dog is created with the required traits except for the portrait. Instead I get default dog in armor .
  14. Thanks for the fix and the offer, but I want to be able to do this myself. Did you use GIMP to do this? Did you have to convert my fighting dog file or was it "fit for purpose"?
  15. Did that. Last question I hope: How do I get this picture into this template I have opened both files in GIMP and dragged the dog file into the template. It works in the sense that the dog file automatically fits into spot 13 but impossible to move it elsewhere. Adding another portrait only replaces the first file, always in spot 13.