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Amazing world of Bikini armor help


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You have to open the .esp for the bikini mod in the CK (creation kit) and go to armor and look for all lines with a * in it those will be the things  added to the esp. Double click the line with a * or right click and select edit change the slot from SPB 32 body to something like amulet or tail instead. In the box with models above it there should be a armor addon listed in there double click it adn bring it up and change the slot to the same thing you changed it to in the armor one. Make sure to click the save button to overwrite the .esp off and on just in case the CK crashes on you. 


Next load up the _0 and _1 nifs for the bikini's with nifskope and change the slot for the bikini tops to make the slot you changed it to in their .esp. Load up the first nif and click the bikini top and below the highlighted line look for BSDismemberSkinInstance click the little arrow to get the drop down and then click on the little arrow next to partitions and double the line and then scroll through the list for the one you selected in the .esp and click and save as and repeat for the _1 nif. What you do in one nif must be done in the other one as well or nothing will change in game.





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