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Combining CBBE and Atomic Beauty ?

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Personally I did not use AB, but...

If CBBE has AB-"mimic" slider (or AB have CBBE-"mimic" slider, or they just have identical base shape) - you can make sliders conversions between them via OutfitStudio.

I did this with JaneBod, and even ported Tigersan's BodyBuilder slider from JB to Skyrim UUNP =)

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I Know what you're talking about. I really wish Atomic Beauty had CBBE's nipples, because when you make the AB nipples huge they look terrible, while CBBEs look great.


That said, i'll tell you something magic that you may not have realized: you can enter negative percentages and percentages above 100. They don't always look great, but I made a preset for AB that looks like stock CBBE.


Lastly, AB comes with a cbbe to AB conversion slider set so you can convert CBBE clothes to AB, but it takes some work in outfit studio, there's a guide on how to do it on the mod page for Atomic Beauty.

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