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Skyrim Mod Pack


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Does anyone know any good skyrim mod packs? I have been searching for one and so far have only found "the journey" which seems a bit dated. Im sure somewhere on the internet there is a place people share their games and im trying to find the right direction. 

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Mod packs will never be created.


The reasons are many - permissions, giving credit where it is due, creating an install giving valuable experience etc.

If you wish, you can peruse the forums for the countless other requests for mod packs which have been given the same answer - by me and other members of the community alike.



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1 hour ago, poo211 said:

That thing literally states it nicked mods and ideas without permission. To quote:



Honest disclaimer:
Please note that some ideas and mods were blatantly copied and redone under the 'dead mans clause' theory. This was only done if the had not been active in a very long time and if their mod page did not explicitly forbid re usage. Full credit is still given even if some of these mods had been fully rebuilt from scratch as is truly was their idea and work in the first place.

Note the words "some of those mods" and not "all of those mods had been fully rebuilt".


That is plagiarism.


Need I explain to you how that is unethical and harmful to a modding community?

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Modpacks are a total waste of time, usually built by people who just download a bunch of mods and then throw them all into 1 zip file and then redistribute it claiming ownership. Not only that but these packs are usually only full of the stuff that the creator likes and not generally useful mods that will appeal to the wider audience. One size does not fit all.


Oh yeah, plagiarising cunts.


I think that covers everything.

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