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Follower mods that uses custom bodies added by player

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Hi folks, 


I'm looking for recommendations for good looking female followers that use bodies and textures that the PC has, kinda like Immersive Wenches but without all the extra functionalities (kinda having problem with that mod right now, which is why I'm asking). JH NPCs is a good shout on what I'm looking for (though non-vanilla followers are welcome), but JH NPCs requires me to install a bunch of extra stuff and I could do without the huge amount of additions into my saves. 


Any recommendations is appreciated. 



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5 hours ago, myuhinny said:

You can take any follower and change their bodies out with whatever body that you want to use.

I wasn't aware of that. So if you were to take let's say Bijin NPCs (which uses either UNP or CBBE), I can switch out the body with whatever I want like UUNP? 

5 hours ago, eolithic said:

About followers (sor my english pure good so just typo what i use).

I have Mona and Kylin  also tested Neve (can have bug with august type hair) but its regular followers ..just keeps him for Vilja sleeps good.

..But u can try this one. It can be interesting.)) Vilja anyway become boring after some time.


Thanks. I wasn't looking for followers which has a specific body type but the guides might be what I'm looking for. 

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Correct but for changing from UUNP to CBBE or CBBE to UUNP you'll also have to change out their texture files as well as UNP and CBBE bodies have different UV maps so to prevent texture mismatch you'll have to replace their face hand feet and body texture files and replace them with a different compatible set just make sure the texture files are all from the same set.

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