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STAR OCEAN™ - THE LAST HOPE™ - 4K & Full HD Remaster


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Do you know this game? It's a remaster from the PlayStation 3 version, but the textures are really ugly and not in 4K...
Anyway, with a tool called "Special_K" is possibile to dump and inject new textures.
I've notice that the ASKA Engine is really versatile. You can inject every textures even with custom resolutions.

I'm not good with modding, but this is a test made by me and a friend.

It work only in a certain point of the game because there is a scene with a nude model.

Original Texture

Modded Texture (I just added the nipple)





I don't know how to swap the models, change 3D objects, etc etc. The modding it too difficult for me, for now I give up.
I ask all those interested to dedicate themselves to this wonderful game, and to make it better.

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I don't have the game yet. So.

How are the texture file compressed ? One big file or small different ones ?
What is the file format ?

Assuming it's different files maybe we can swap the models.
Anyway gonna take a proper look when I got the game myself.

Nevermind after some searching I found out that the game files are compressed in 2 giant .bin files which is really bad for modding since some .bin files are hash checked.
So far what I can see is only editing texture with Special K

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