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  1. It is a pleasure to have you representing the GBFV modding scene @xxsjxx Keep up the good work my friend!
  2. Looks interesting. Hope someone can help with the modding.
  3. The game is certainly taking more and more aggressive measures against f2p / light spenders. The login gifts reduction, 4th skill slot paywall, and even the mission campaign for UR tickets are gone. Makes me really question my sanity in playing the game given the clear direction it is headed! Still, The one positive going for the game for me atm are the mods by modderchan,
  4. Hope this leads to a p5 or a p5 royal port in the future. Modding would be really nice for this game since the p4g models are of disappointing quality due to the game's age.
  5. You are re-igniting my passion for the game here mate!
  6. Gentlemen, we have made it. Hopefully the first of many future mod releases. Here is the downloaded rar from the post. Have fun and praise master @moderchan_steam! [AT] 開放的なアサギMOD_v1.1.7z
  7. My experience with the game so far is very weird. While the actual gameplay and the model quality are acceptable for the franchise fans, the lack of mods for the game is pretty strange. I am looking forwards to what modderchan will be offering in the future, but I am perplexed that only he seems to know how to mod the game to any degree. The thread has been pretty silent so these are my 2 cents atm
  8. The booty strikes back!
  9. Not to mention, the fact that he doesn't pull the paywall move is also very admirable!
  10. @S_S_Majin Excellent work as usual man keep it up! Can you share just the texture in which you removed the belt? I want to re color it but I dont know where it is located in the texture. @tesukawenxuan S_S_Majin found that the mesh has holes when removing the hat or panties from Aya. so until we can mesh edit it is not possible.
  11. Hi there. excellent work on the mod and I hope you can check the awakened forms of the characters! ------------------------------------- Unrelated point, Can anyone share the fence_collision.cat file. The game crashes whenever I get attacked in any stage and I hope the file replacement solves it!
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