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Weaponsmith extended Advanced Turrets


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I loved the turrets provided by weaponssmith extended, but the power connections were always a pain so taking into the view I used a mod to add advanced self powered versions of the vanilla turrets decided to try and make my own version of an advanced turret for all 3 provided by weaponsmith.


I copied and changed the items and constructable objects, changed the crafting requirements, changed what I thought was the keywords/items needed to remove the power requirement, and loaded the mod in game, in the workshop turret menu they show up as the advanced versions, the crafting materials are correct, I added a fusion core as a requirement to cover the power needs.  Only problem is they still show up as requiring power to be connected to them.


I spent a bit of time messing around trying to sort them out and go nowhere, even comparing the vanilla turrets to the advanced versions from the mod did not really help, as what I had done looked ok to me anyway, eventually I posted on the weaponsmith page on nexus and as usual was completely ignored by everybody.


Finally I gave up and decided to post here, this is the mod as I have got it anybody got any idea what I need to do to make them self powered?  I am pretty sure it is more than likely keywords somewhere in the damn thing.



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