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Problem with animations


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As usual, I've stumbled upon some kind of mod conflict, I suspect, and have hence come to the mighty sages of LoversLab for assistance.


Now, to the matter at hand: my Devious Devices stuff gets it's appropriate animations cancelled.

First, refer to the first screenshot to gaze upon the regal posture of Adelaisa Vendicci with as much BDSM gear crammed into her as is visually viable. This is taken right after cuffing the poor old lady into the gear she's definitely too old to wear. However, even here the first problem surfaces with the black armbinder, namely, the hands clip through the armbinder. It is, however, still within the margin of errors I'm ready to accept.


What I can't accept is what happens when the follower is forced to... sprint, I think. Or run. It's hard to differentiate between the two when the poor Adelaisa has to do it in restrictive ballet boots. If you'd kindly direct your gaze to the second screenshot, you'll surely notice that the armbinder animation gets replaced with the standard idle animation.  To be precise, the armbinder animation gets replaced the moment she starts to sprint.


Everything falls apart however after entering another cell, which is visible on the third attached screenshot. The face adjustments to accomodate the ballgag are reset to the standard skyrim mug, black armbinder animation " restriction" fails to apply itself as well. As a light in the tunnel I consider the fact her hands are gone, which means that black armbinder made some effort to be worn as it was intended.



I'm attaching both the modlist generated by mod organiser and the relevant papyrus log writtend during the session when the attached screenshots were captured. FNIS, LOOT, prepatchers and bashed patch were all run without any errors (multiple times, I might add) without any problems that I've noticed.


cOOOome NOW, O, wise ones of LoversLab, and bestow your wisdom upon this unworthy one! Heed me, and mercifully guide me in the right direction!






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Ok, I've had it with devious devices. It just doesn't process NPCs correctly, period. Sometimes it'll apply the devious effects to followers, although what it does more consistently is fuck them up, locking the plugs to be unremovable, armbinder is just a big ugly clusterfuck of "maybe this time it'll work", and what is most BDSM in this mod is the mod itself, with all its misfiring scripts and no way to manually reapply or remove them, because "we don't want PC to cheat their way out of the devices".

One thing I did find out is that FNIS Sexy Moves is responsible for the effects that applied correctly to swap back to other ways of walking. Uninstalling it didn't fix squat, though.

This mod is beautiful, but it's bullshit nonetheless. I'm shelving it until the debug becomes actually useful or the world ends, whichever comes first. Goddamnit all.

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