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Overriding LSAR on certain armours? + CTD when trying to add cum replacer on save game


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So I have finally managed to get my skyrim stable and everything is settling down for me. However, there are certain LSAR (a little sexy apparel replacer) armours I would like to know how to replace with other replacers instead. In this case, I want to swap out the Dawnguard armour with https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64559 . How can I do this? I have attempted to put it before and after, but I am not the best of modders though. 


Additionally, whenever I attempt to insert a cum replacer into my skyrim (currently using the sexlab one, yuck) I instantly CTD upon loading my save. Any ideas? Do I have to start a new save? I have tried several cum replacer


I will add a mod list if needed

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